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I Rarely post videos to the pages cause I don't want to force my channel on someone HOWEVER lol I found this game to be FULLY addicting and such a GREAT kickstarted demo i can't help but help promote it anyway possible :) Great job! I havent gotten the nostalgia from the first game i ever played since then but this game fully gave it back to me :) 

love you for that ;) ... thx so much!

you are most welcome hun, got caught up recording a few more episodes cause man is it fun! 

This game has a lot to learn in it, but I enjoyed it.  I feel like I've just barely scratched the surface, but as you go you pick up on new things consistently.  There;s many things I still don't understand, and I'm sure plenty more that I would never guess existed.  Amazing work for a single developer, it's really good even for a larger company.  There's a few bugs here and there, but mostly not game breaking I think.  I do think the turret probably isn't supposed to shoot the dog though.  I also would tone down the brightness a bit, it seemed a little overexposed unless that was just the graphics settings I had.  

Hey thank you PseudoGrimm for the feedback, i appreciate it! :)